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the number of zones crossed during a particular journey. Official requirements for documents. You can also activate your refill phone card (provided in your welcome pack) to access some free credit to call home. Du som är folkbokförd i Lunds kommun, kan ansöka om resebidrag om du ska studera på en gymnasial utbildning och har minst 6 kilometers resväg till skolan. While you are at it, share a photo or video on Instagram using #hejlunduni and be in to win a LU backpack! In case of an emergency call 112 Remember the emergency number in Sweden is 112 - for ambulance, police or fire. Buses to/from airports are not formally a part of Skånetrafiken at this time. You don't need a fancy bike, but you should invest in a good bike lock. Getting a second-hand bike is ideal you can find one in a local shop, in the 'bike auctions' arranged by the city of Lund a few times a year, or buy one from students who have finished their studies and are about to leave Lund (often.

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Bring important documents and photo. Du måste då lämna tillbaka det gymnasiekort som du linköping cup har fått eller den kontantersättning som du har fått, för den tid som återstår. Complete your registration and enrolment. This, according to Skånetrafiken, is part of a long-term goal of increasing patronage as the habit of using public transportation over cars should be reinforced during the later teenage years. Gymnasiekort eller kontantersättning) måste du uppfylla följande grundvillkor: Du ska gå en utbildning vid en gymnasieskola. The success of some routes has been so good that overcrowding has plagued some train and bus services for months with no response on the part of Skånetrafiken; this has been particularly the case for rush-hour train service to and from Denmark. On buses, the card is held in front of the card reader on board. Gymnasiekort eller kontantbidrag: Huvudregeln är att du får resebidrag i form av ett erforderligt gymnasiekort. The fastest way to get around Lund is by bike.

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