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Stage 2 Modified temperature:120F or jobb stockholm more Buff: Heat Stroke - Stage 2 Sad sun icon appears on screen. Wasteland, Pine Forest, Forest, Snowy Forest and, plains, biomes. Standing near a campfire or forge that is burning will increase the temperature.

Character Menu, in the character stats section and is displayed as "Feels Like. As of Alpha.5 rain is a precipitation system that can fall in any of the worlds Biomes. Some food and drink items have temporary warming or cooling properties. As the modified temperature moves further away from the normal range and de-buffs are applied, warning messages and de-buff icons appear and the character's sounds may change as well, all to indicate a situation that needs attention. Sometimes thunder can be heard during a rainstorm. The following is a list of some ways the outside temperature can be modified: Clothing items have an insulation property, which indicates the item's impact on temperature. The modified temperature is indicated in the.