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in Pyjamas 2nd 50,000, natus Vincere 3rd-4th 22,000, team EnVyUs, godsent 5th-8th 10,000. Denver 2017 20 Oct, denver, Colorado, montreal 2017 8 Sep Montreal, Canada, masters, malmö 2017 30 Aug, malmö, Sweden. Prize distribution 1st 100,000 2nd 50,000 3-4th 22,000 3-4th 22,000 5-8th 10,000 5-8th 10,000 5-8th 10,000 5-8th 10,000 9-12th 2,000 9-12th 2,000 9-12th 2,000 9-12th 2,000 13-16th 2,000 13-16th 2,000 13-16th 2,000 13-16th 2,000, mVP, kenny 'kennyS' Schrub, playoffs. From Liquipedia Counter-Strike Wiki DreamHack, broadcast talent edit, stage Host: Reporter: Desk Host: Commentators: Analysts: YNk (Janko Paunovi thorin (Duncan Shields) moses (Jason O'Toole fifflaren (Robin Johansson). 3 Maikelele leaves FaZe Clan. Playoffs, group play, galleries, day 5, day.

Video: kennyS - MVP of DH Masters Malmo 2017. Immortals kennyS: "We won Cobblestone because of SmithZz" kennyS wins DreamHack Malmö MVP award G2 beat North to win DH Masters Malmö North triumph over Gambit, advance to final kassad: "I think NAF will fit in perfectly" G2 to the grand final over NiP. TyLoo, team Dignitas mousesports o 9th-12th 2,000, luminosity Gaming, counter Logic Gaming, astralis. Montreal 2018 7 Sep, montreal, Canada, atlanta 2018 16 Nov Atlanta, Georgia, winter 2018 30 Nov, jönköping, Sweden.

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He was then cleared by his doctors to participate in the playoffs. Sevilla 2018 14 Dec, sevilla, Spain, esports. Tempo Storm 13th-16th 2,000, team Liquid G2 Esports Lounge Gaming FaZe Clan Participants edit 1 Fnatic pull out due to olofmeister 's hand injury, and G2 Esports will replace them. 5 FaZe Clan acquires kioShiMa from Team EnVyUs. 4 GuardiaN did not play in the Group Stage due to an injury, and was replaced by starix.

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