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var det 23 grader, varmare än normalt. Ge det tre pass i veckan mer med högre ambitioner, men börja i tid! Loppet är utmärkt för dig som vill testa formen inför vårens och sommarens tävlingar. Ett gäng Kenyaner dominerade loppet och jag träffade faktiskt vinnaren som blev intervjuad av Spansk. Tv på flygplatsen dagen efter. This year I was determined to science the shit out of my training to avoid last year's disaster. Some newspaper featured an article with the headline: "Doctor's pro-tip for surviving the marathon : Don't Start".

My heart rate already peaked to 185 (205 max) by 7 kilometers and I knew I was pushing too hard, but my pace was nowhere near a standard easy run, something was off. I think I hit the wall at 10k and ran out of water in my backpack at 12k. We chilled on the grass near the stadium until everyone (read: me) was able to walk again and went for some beer and more pasta to wrap it all. The program was incredible and while I didn't manage to follow it to 100, I got pretty close. This feature is not available right now. Rating is available when the video has been rented. Stockholm from Helsinki and spent the day before the race visiting the expo. As the previous year we flew over. Instead of doing the built in novice program provided by my Garmin watch I opted for Hal Higdon's Novice 1 this time around. Already signed up for next year! I spent big dollars for TrainingPeaks and analyzed what had gone wrong. My girlfriend and I decided to stick together from the start to end as we did last year.

Stockholm Marathon är kontrollmätt enligt de regler som Svenska Friidrottsförbundet och Internationella friidrottsförbundet fastställt.
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