ghost stockholm 2018

with m4a1 (headshot) Subroza planted the bomb (2on3) s1mple killed steel with m4a1 s1mple killed krystal with. 15:11 so much lucky and close rounds for na vi jesus christ 15: on ct side nuke, nice map pick, fucking throw 15:12 NaVi always good in attack 15:16 so fucking lucky navi bots 15:12 ghost choked on ct side of nuke who would. Gg 15:33 Electronatus Vins1mplere 15:33 Electronic and S1mple vs the world, I feel like I've seen this before. Wardell 1 vs 9 15:17 ez NaVi with 2 hardcarrys 15:24 is this rigged game? 14: fixed shit navi 2-1 14:55 Round over - Winner: T (1-0) - Enemy eliminated xccurate*lbet killed Xyp9x with usp_silencer DD*lbet killed gla1ve with usp_silencer gla1ve killed Mo*lbet with usp_silencer xccurate*lbet killed device with glock device killed BnTeT*lbet with usp_silencer (headshot) DD*lbet killed dupreeh with. What the fuck is he doing? Then look at the others' in na'vi 16:09 So many mad bettors here 16:09 EZ, Ghost preisler optik malmö bo1 heroes, byebye garbage 16:10 Same matchfix 16:10 -flamie -edward who? 16:06 ofc all go B CTs go B somehow. 14:16 this is the reason NaVi looks like shit. More like chokest, aight?

Annnnd they lose. 15:16 wardell the new kennys? Ghost picked Nuke choke vs NiP, only 2 rounds CT-side ofc :11 Remember about Navi t side on mirage ;d 13:13 easiest odds for navi 13:15 simple best aimer csgo 13:18 Why ghost not picked dd2? Both pistol lost and still won amazing job steel bro 14:07 Ghost are fucking nuts 14:07 Flamie pretty much lost that map alone for Na'vi. 1v2 won 2 rounds in a row 15:39 S1mple showing that he's without a doubt the best player in the world by far. 15:16 navi was so damn lucky last 5-6 rounds like wow.

Navi is coming back. Now ghost plays like bots. Ghost picked Nuke - GG 14:13 This Ghost team is for real. What do you expect from a bot 15:40 classic Edward "the support player" 15:37 some godly clutches from ghost WOW! WTF 15:04 tyloo fucking throwers GG Round over - Winner: T (4-13) - Enemy eliminated dupreeh killed xccurate*lbet with cz75a device killed DD*lbet with deagle (headshot) xccurate*lbet killed Magisk with famas (headshot) Magisk killed BnTeT*lbet with deagle (headshot) dupreeh killed Mo*lbet with cz75a BnTeT*lbet killed. Get Mou for awp and let s1mple be hybrid with double awp setups. 14:19 Win pistol round lose the game wtf 14:21 please 2-0 ghost YOU GOT this GO NA 14:21 s1mple and electronic leave this shit team 14:22 If they will not get top 3 on major. NiP.97.79, astralis 1st map - winner (incl. VETfiUYij5UE t 13:56 na'vi top 2 team btw gigalul 13:57 Cloud9:-Styko Golden, Subroza Wardell pls 13:58 Big organisation with overrated and overpaid garbage players. After 5-0 I said. I hope no one betted on known throwers in Ghost lmao 16:12 Navi fake team dont deserve to be in #10 :D gg 16:14 Lul.

Dreamhack, stockholm 2018, cS:GO Natus Vincere - DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018

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