margaretavägen 1b 222 40 lund

commuting time to Malmö (Triangeln station) is approximately 40 minutes. Head of Research Group, susanne Iwarsson, professor in Gerontologi and Elderly Care. In addition, members of the research group are coordinating the Swedish National Graduate School for Competitive Science on Ageing and Health (sweah).

margaretavägen 1b 222 40 lund

Margaretavägen 2, 222 40 Lund.
Delivery address Health Sciences Centre (HSC) Active and Healthy Ageing Margaretavägen 1b 222 40 lund.
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Interdisciplinary cooperation, the research group is the core of the interdisciplinary. Parkinson's disease, stroke and dementia, some of our projects concentrate on people ageing with diagnoses such as Parkinson's disease, stroke or dementia. We contribute to several of the Medical Facultys basic and advanced level programs as well as occasionally in such education at the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Ribbingska Foundation in Lund is our main long-term guarantee for funding of research in gerontology and geriatric care. Several researchers are running projects involving older peoples use and need of assistive technology, in particular mobility devices. Du hittar det här. Multi Park ) (see interview with Susanne Iwarsson).

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