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material design from this project. Personalized: Build your coding profile Gain reputation points through taking fun coding quizzes with solution for every question. The architecture of the app is quite good, which makes it easy to expand and maintain. Read the code and you'll learn most of the fundamental aspects of Android development.

Travel Mate ( Github Difficulty: Intermediate) Want to build a travel-based app that relies heavily rely on location detection and maps? The difficulty level attached to each app will help you to judge whether you should instantly dive into the codebase, or try reading something simpler. Daily new android lessons and coding tutorials free with source codes. Join our translation team and help your nation to learn faster. Its as simple as that. The best way to learn is to read. For those who want to build a launcher for Android, this is the best way to start. If you are proud owner of Huawei P9 Lite and want to conect it with pc then you need usb drivers for. There's lots to learn here, both for beginners and intermediate-level Android developers. Super Clean Master ( Github Difficulty: Advanced) At some josefina stockholm facebook point, all Android device users need to clean up junk data residing on their devices.