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doing it again! Bring your most beautiful towel, and let it compete in our beauty contest! Details and tickets on Eventbrite slovakia, big online shop and biggest bookshop in Slovakia celebrates Towel Day and the unforgettable humour of Douglas Adams in their 10 bookstores across Slovakia and online, as in previous years. Free entry (even for life-threatening forms of life in need of C2H5OH. We also have booked acts (complete nerds who smiley piercing västerås pris are also excellent poets) Sez Thomasin and reigning Vogon Poetry Slam Champion Robin Lamboll.

Want to read your angsty teenage poetry now that it's hilarious? In honour of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Bring your towel with you, dull your pen and let your large intestine throttle your brain. 19.00: Towel Day celebrations will continue nearby with an after starting.00 at Super Vegan (118 rue des Moines 75017, Métro Brochant ou Guy Môquet). It was brought up by the human alien, power of Humanity (Mostly Harmless) that May 25 was Towel Day! France In Bordeaux, boardgames/role playing games association edil celebrates Towel Day! Paper towels or other provisional gear are not accepted. Very useful for the hitchhiker either closed (such as cane, crutch, stick, club, skewer, sword, pole to keep the balance on a tightrope, extra long finger to hitchhike.) as open (to make shade, hide, as a parachute, to sing in the rain, put face. Celebrations start at 10pm at both Celtic Caffe Bard and at computer museum Peek Poke. Prizes for best costumes! Details on m south africa Roland Gaspar talked about Towel Day on air. Towel Throwing Championship - how far does your towel fly?" Details and rsvp on Facebook In Frankfurt Am Main, geocachers are meeting at 19:42, there will a speech, writing in the journal and TB's, questions and answers about life, the universe and everything, and.