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the founding of the French Republic in September 1792 the theatre's name was changed again, to Théâtre de la République. Bewertungen zu Grand Hotel du Palais Royal. Jal originally called the, palais-Cardinal, is a former royal palace located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, France. 37; Wild 2003; for the opening bora Cykling team 2018 date see the entry "Beaujolais (théâtre des in Lecomte 1905,. Later, beginning with the political turmoil of the Revolution, this theatre was known by a variety of other names.

19 At the request of Louis Philippe II, two new theatres were constructed in the Palais-Royal complex shortly thereafter. The area boasted some 145 boutiques, cafés, salons, hair salons, bookshops, museums, and numerous refreshment kiosks as well as two theatres. He was born at Saint-Cloud and later moved to the Palais-Royal and lived there with his wife, the wealthy Louise Marie Adélade de Bourbon whom he had married in 1769. Klaus Malettke : Ludwig XIV. The Guénégaud Theatre in Paris (16731680). 6970; Hemmings 1994,. Thus, the Palais-Royal began what the architect, Bertrand Lemoine, describes as lÈre des passages couverts (the Arcade Era which transformed European shopping habits between 1710 Designed to attract the genteel middle class, the Palais-Royal sold luxury goods at relatively high prices. 24 The very first theatre in the Palais-Royal was built by Lemercier for Cardinal Richelieu, and inaugurated in 1641.

A classy neighborhood where architecture, culture and gastronomy blend with the most exclusive boutiques. Am Ende des. Was Ihnen dieses Hotel bietet: Nutzung eines Internet-Terminals im Hotel, mit hotel DE  bei jeder Buchung  Meilen sammeln!