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and felt that this cannot be the full truth, I was also mostly skeptical to scientists. I remember how I spent a lot of time asking my teacher in physics and chemistry about things related to the studies, and I was never really happy with the answers he gave and I knew that there was something more behind. Watch Queue, queue _count total loading. Ulrika, forsberg fick den allra första "Paradise hotel"-bebisen i april väntar hon sitt andra barn med kärleken. In advance of this years meeting, which focuses on physics, we are profiling several promising attendees under the age. None of the participants research is focused mainly upon nuclear physics, which is my main field of interest, but I think talking to any of them could be equally inspiring and could help me widen my views and provide new ways of looking upon. Each of the Laureates has contributed so greatly to science, and it is amazing to actually meet the people behind the big breakthroughs in science which I have heard about during my studies, or encountered as a user of various technologies. Partly, I was annoyed with scientists not yet knowing everything, and partly I was amazed about how much there is to know.

My main research topic is superheavy elements,.e., atoms which have more than about a hundred protons, and which we think only exist on Earth when we create them in our laboratories. What is your dream study or experiment? Who are your scientific heroes? However, from a personal point of view, it feels extra fun to meet. It was not until much later, though, that I realized that I can be part of increasing the knowledge. I am quite certain that I want to work with physics in 10 years from now, but I do not know exactly in what field. I also like baking cakes, and especially to decorate them according to some (sometimes science-related!) theme. I knew that by studying a lot I could be a little like him, and that inspired me to learn more about the world we live. The annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting brings a wealth of scientific minds to the shores of Germanys Lake Constance. Umeå kommun Östersund, sweden. While still in school, I did not really have any real role scania crown göteborg models in science.

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